Why Promotional Products Are Still Effective

Do you wonder if promotional products are still effective for bringing more profit into your business? The answer is yes. All businesses need cost-effective ways to attract more customers and promotional products should be one of the tactics used.

A study by PPAI revealed that almost 90% of consumers could remember an advertiser’s company name a full two years after receiving the promotional items. On top of that, the study showed that promotional products enjoyed by customers resulted in 500% more referrals.

It’s obvious that promotional products are alive and well. Let’s discuss this topic in more detail and give you several reasons why promotional products are so important for your business.

What Are Promotional Products?

They are useful items that have your business name, message or logo imprinted on them. Their purpose is to raise awareness about your brand with consumers. The reason promotional products work so well is they engage the senses of consumers because of the physical nature of the items.

Low-Cost & Effective Marketing

It’s difficult for small businesses to spend the money needed to build out large-scale advertising campaigns. You can still achieve all your marketing goals by using a campaign that includes promotional products.

Promotional products don’t cost much while the impact is high from a marketing perspective. Items like mugs, for example, don’t cost much to get imprinted with your logo. However, your recipients will drink out of their mug dozens of times and be reminded about your business each time.

Achieve Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is all about getting consumers to instantly identify your company and its services and/or products. Promotional items help accomplish this goal because you’re providing consumers with physical items they’ll use over and over.

Your gifts stay in the cars, offices and homes of consumers for extended time periods. This reminds them of your brand over and over. The next time they need what your business offers, the likelihood of them choosing your company over a competitor is high.

Effective items that get used over and over are:

  • T-shirts with your logo
  • Mugs
  • Pens
  • Notepads

Promotional Items Work as a Business Card

You use business cards to introduce your products and services to potential customers. Promotional products do the same but are much more effective than a simple business card. People throw your business cards in the trash. On the other hand, they keep using your branded items for lengthy time periods.

Your promotional items can have the same information that appears on your business cards. This includes your company:

  • Logo
  • Images
  • Slogan

Think of your branded promo items as tangible business cards that get used daily by prospects and customers. Promotional products can also play a major part inside your social media marketing. Imprint QR codes, for example, on promotional items. Think of hashtags to place on your mugs, t-shirts and other promotional items.

Achieve Customer Loyalty

Marketers are always working toward attaining loyalty from customers so people come back to buy over and over. Using promotional products will help your company achieve the repeat purchases you’re looking for.

One pitfall to avoid, however, is using low-quality promotional items. People expect to receive high-quality gifts. They associate the gift’s quality with the potential quality of your company’s products and services.

Take the time to think through the best types of promotional items for your specific business. Then, source how to get those items manufactured in a way that produces promotional products you can be proud to give away. Planning your promotional product campaigns carefully alongside your newspaper or TV ads will help all your marketing efforts create the greatest impact.

Promotional products are an excellent way to build your company’s brand, create loyalty and drive first-time and repeat sales

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