5 Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Photography

Photography provides a convenient way of capturing the most exciting and memorable highlights of a wedding ceremony. Photos can be taken at a wedding reception or any place that a photographer chooses. However, what matters is how and where the photos are taken. There are a number of creative techniques that you can adopt to spice up photo sessions at your matrimonial ceremony. Five of these creative styles are listed below.

1. Develop a Canvas Story

Canvases are great for livening up the walls and hallways found at your wedding reception. They can depict the love story of the groom and bride creatively. You can hang your favorite photos around the canvases as decoration. Alternatively, they can be printed on the canvases depending on your preferences.

The end goal is to have a canvas that tells a beautiful story. Encourage your guests to pose for pictures around the canvas. This style is cheap and easy to implement. It can cost you about forty dollars to set the canvases up in your preferred way. Paintings depicting different stories are also great for developing a canvas story.

2. Use Hashtags

The exciting thing about posing for pictures at your matrimonial ceremony is that you will share them with friends and family. Social media platforms like Instagram came into play to enable people to share pictures of their memorable life events. When posting a photo on social media, use creative hashtags for the photo to be easily found. You can also use live stream features found on these platforms to update those who didn’t attend your ceremony.

Most photo sharing apps are free to download. Provided you or your guests are connected to the Internet, photos can be shared on these platforms. Encourage all your guests to take advantage of these apps and share pictures of your memorable day through their smartphones.

3. Deploy a Drone

In the film industry, drones are used for capturing high-quality videos. A drone can also be used during matrimonial ceremonies to capture videos and photos of people and the venue. Thanks to technology, this device can be programmed to take photos at an aerial view. Its design allows it to fly around the venue of your wedding and take shots depending on how it is timed.

Drones are expensive to procure when compared to other photo capturing devices. The good news is that their price matches their quality and convenience of taking pictures and videos. Ensure that you review your finances before deploying drones since their costs may affect your budgetary allocations.

4. Adopt a Photo Booth

Photo booths can be used improve the experience of your wedding photography. You can hire a portable booth from your local photo studio. Alternatively, you may use cardboard and paint to come up with your booth creatively. Either way, this structure should have a theme of your choice. For instance, it can be decorated with animal or floral prints based on your decoration tastes.

Using a custom-made booth at your colorful wedding will attract the guests to pose for pictures. The camera used in the booth should be capable of taking multiple instant shots. An experienced photographer can take the pictures or an automated camera may be installed in the structure.

5. Use Disposable Cameras

Hiring a competent photographer to capture the fun times during your special day is a great idea. However, if you want a more exciting way to capture spontaneous and random moments of your event, use disposable cameras. The amazing thing about these cameras is that they don’t require any technical skills to operate. Put them on tables to capture the images of everyone at your ceremony. Children can keep themselves busy by using these cameras to take random images.

Photos are brilliant for recording memorable life events like weddings. Most people are used to traditional photography that becomes less fun with time. For you to make photo sessions at your event worth remembering, you need to ditch the traditional photo capturing methods. Be creative and ensure you have fun in the process. Spice up the shoots by using disposable cameras, decorated booths, and drones. Try to develop a canvas story to guide the shoots and use hashtags when sharing the photos online.

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