Cody Garbrandt Net Worth: The Financial Rise Of MMA Star Cody Garbrandt 

Cody Garbrandt Net Worth

Cody Garbrandt, a renowned figure in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), has made a significant mark in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Known for his striking power and agility in the octagon, Garbrandt has captivated fans worldwide with his skill and charisma. This article delves into the financial aspect of Garbrandt’s career, exploring his net worth and the factors contributing to it. From his earnings in the UFC to endorsement deals and other ventures, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of how Garbrandt has built his wealth and where he stands today in the financial landscape of professional fighters.

Early Life And Career Beginnings

Cody Garbrandt, born on July 7, 1991, in Uhrichsville, Ohio, grew up in a challenging environment that shaped his future in combat sports. From a young age, Garbrandt was introduced to wrestling, a common starting point for many MMA fighters. His natural talent and relentless work ethic quickly became evident as he excelled in high school wrestling, laying the foundation for his future in combat sports. This early exposure to competitive sports instilled in him a deep understanding of discipline and resilience, qualities essential for his later success in the octagon.

After high school, Garbrandt’s focus shifted from wrestling to boxing, where he again demonstrated natural aptitude. His aggressive style and powerful strikes made him a formidable opponent in the amateur boxing ring. However, it wasn’t long before he was drawn to the world of mixed martial arts, where he saw an opportunity to combine his wrestling and striking skills. Garbrandt’s transition to MMA was a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of what would become a successful professional career.

Garbrandt made his professional MMA debut in 2012, quickly making a name for himself with a series of impressive victories. His early career was characterized by a streak of wins, primarily through knockouts, showcasing his striking power and technical prowess. This period was crucial in building his reputation and laying the groundwork for his future success in larger promotions. His performances caught the attention of the UFC, the premier organization in the sport, leading to a significant turning point in his career.

Joining the UFC in 2014, Garbrandt entered the biggest stage in MMA, a dream for many fighters. His debut in the UFC was highly anticipated, given his undefeated record and reputation for exciting fights. Garbrandt did not disappoint, delivering a first-round knockout that instantly made him a fighter to watch in the bantamweight division. This successful entry into the UFC marked the beginning of a new chapter in Garbrandt’s career, where he would face tougher opponents and gain international fame.

Cody Garbrandt Net Worth 

Cody Garbrandt’s net worth and a brief biography:

Attribute Details
Full Name Cody Ray Allen Garbrandt
Date of Birth July 7, 1991
Place of Birth Uhrichsville, Ohio, United States
Net Worth (as of 2023) Approximately $1 million
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight 135 lb (61 kg; 9 st 9 lb)
Division Bantamweight
Reach 65.5 in (166 cm)
Stance Orthodox
Professional MMA Record 12 wins, 4 losses
UFC Debut January 3, 2015
Notable Achievements Former UFC Bantamweight Champion, Multiple Performance Awards

Cody Garbrandt’s basic biographical information and his net worth, highlighting his significant achievements and stats in his MMA career.

MMA Career Highlights

1. Undefeated Early Career: Garbrandt began his professional MMA career with an impressive undefeated streak, showcasing his striking skills and earning a reputation as a knockout artist.

2. UFC Debut And Rise: His UFC debut was in January 2015, where he won via TKO, setting the tone for his future in the organization. Garbrandt continued to climb the ranks with a series of victories, often finishing his opponents with knockouts.

3. UFC Bantamweight Champion:  One of the pinnacles of Garbrandt’s career was winning the UFC Bantamweight Championship in December 2016. He won the title at UFC 207, defeating Dominick Cruz, a highly respected and dominant champion, in a unanimous decision. This victory was significant, as Cruz hadn’t been defeated in almost a decade.

4. Performance Of The Night Honors: Garbrandt has earned multiple ‘Performance of the Night’ bonuses, highlighting his skill and entertainment value in the octagon.

5. High-Profile Fights: He has been involved in several high-profile fights, including his trilogy with TJ Dillashaw, which drew significant attention in the MMA world.

6. Resilience Through Setbacks: Despite facing setbacks and losses, including losing his title, Garbrandt’s resilience and determination to come back stronger have been notable aspects of his career.

7. Versatility And Adaptability: Known for his striking, Garbrandt has also shown versatility and adaptability in his fighting style, capable of engaging in both stand-up and ground battles effectively.

Financial Challenges And Management

Cody Garbrandt, like many professional athletes, has faced his share of financial challenges and has had to be strategic in managing his wealth. Here are some key aspects of his financial challenges and management:

Income Fluctuations

As with most MMA fighters, Garbrandt’s income is largely dependent on his fight frequency and outcomes. Winning fights, especially those with high stakes, often come with substantial financial rewards, while periods without fights or losses can lead to income fluctuations. Performance bonuses, such as ‘Fight of the Night’ or ‘Performance of the Night’, can significantly boost a fighter’s earnings, but these are not guaranteed.

Training And Preparation Costs

High-level training, coaching, and preparation for fights can be costly. This includes expenses for training camps, nutrition, medical care, and travel. Fighters often have to manage these expenses carefully to ensure they are in the best condition for their fights without overspending.

Healthcare And Insurance

MMA is a physically demanding sport with a high risk of injury. Medical bills and healthcare costs can be a significant financial burden, especially if injuries require long-term treatment or time away from the octagon. While the UFC provides some insurance coverage for fighters, additional personal insurance may be needed for comprehensive coverage.

Investments And Savings

Smart financial management is crucial for MMA fighters due to the unpredictability and relatively short span of their professional careers. It’s important for fighters like Garbrandt to invest wisely and save for the future, considering the limited timeframe to earn substantial money in professional sports.

Endorsement Deals And Sponsorships

Endorsements and sponsorships can provide a steady stream of income outside of fighting. However, the value and stability of these deals can vary based on a fighter’s popularity and marketability. Garbrandt, with his charisma and fan base, has the potential to secure lucrative deals, which can be a significant part of his financial management strategy.

Factors That Have Played A Significant Role In Building His Net Worth.

Several factors have played a significant role in building Cody Garbrandt’s net worth:

  • Fight Winnings And Bonuses: A substantial portion of Garbrandt’s net worth comes from his earnings from fights, including win bonuses. High-profile fights, especially in the UFC, often come with significant payouts. Additionally, Garbrandt has earned ‘Performance of the Night’ bonuses for exceptional performances in the octagon, further boosting his earnings.
  • UFC Championship Title: Winning the UFC Bantamweight Championship significantly raised Garbrandt’s profile, leading to higher purses for his fights. Champions typically receive higher base pay, win bonuses, and a share of pay-per-view revenues.
  • Endorsement Deals And Sponsorships: As a well-known athlete in MMA, Garbrandt has secured endorsement deals and sponsorships that contribute to his income. These deals are often lucrative and can provide a steady income stream outside of fighting. His marketability, enhanced by his championship status and charismatic personality, makes him attractive to brands.
  • Media Appearances And Publicity: Appearances on television, interviews, and other media engagements can also contribute to a fighter’s overall earnings. Garbrandt’s media presence helps in building his brand, leading to more financial opportunities.
  • Merchandising: Sales of merchandise like apparel, autographed items, and training equipment branded with Garbrandt’s name or likeness can also contribute to his net worth.
  • Fan Base And Popularity: Garbrandt’s popularity and large fan base play a significant role in his earning potential. A popular fighter can draw larger audiences, leading to bigger fights and more lucrative opportunities.


In conclusion, Cody Garbrandt’s journey in MMA has been marked by remarkable achievements and challenges, both inside and outside the octagon. His success as a UFC champion, coupled with strategic financial management, endorsements, and a strong fan base, has significantly contributed to his net worth. Despite the unpredictable nature of earnings in professional fighting, Garbrandt’s diverse income streams and resilience demonstrate his ability to navigate the financial aspects of a demanding sport, securing his financial standing in the world of MMA.

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