How To Change Your Eye Color Naturally At Home Permanently

How To Change Your Eye Color Naturally At Home Permanently

Are you disgusted by the unnatural look of common contact lenses? Well, that’s a fair response given the risk involved with wearing them. Instead of throwing your money away on another useless product, why not invest in some easy and affordable home remedies to change your eye color? The focus is on natural ingredients that won’t impact your health but will have a visual impact. All you need is dedication and these simple tricks from home. Let’s take a closer look at how we can change our eye color naturally at home permanently.

How To Change Your Eye Color Naturally At Home Permanently?

Mask Trick

One of the best ways to change your eye color is to wear a colored eye mask before bed. The pigments in the mask will be absorbed into your eyes and stain your eyelids, changing the color of your eyes. This trick won’t change the color of your iris, but it will affect the color of the skin surrounding your eyes – meaning that your eye color will change but only temporarily! A colored eye mask is pretty cheap and easy to find. The best eye masks will be designed to fit your face so that the colored pigments don’t get all over your pillow. It might sound like a crazy idea, but it really works! The only issue is that the colors don’t last very long. You’ll probably have to change your eye mask every few days in order to keep the desired effect.

Bleach Drops Trick

If you want to change your eye color temporarily, then you can easily do so by using a few drops of bleach on the inside of your eyelids. Bleach is a chemical that is used to remove the color from various fabrics and materials. By applying a few drops of bleach to the inside of your eyelids, you can remove the pigment from your eyes, causing your eyes to appear blue. The good news is that the color change will be temporary and will wear off within a few hours. The bad news is that it’s not a very healthy way to temporarily change your eye color! Bleach is meant to be used on fabrics, not on our eyes. If you decide to use this eye color change trick, then it’s highly recommended that you wear protective goggles while applying bleach to your eyelids.

Corn Starch Trick

This is another great and simple way to temporarily change your eye color. The trick is as follows – take some corn starch and mix it with water to make a thick paste. Apply this corn starch paste to your eyelids and wait for it to dry. The corn starch will draw out the pigments from your skin and cause your eyes to appear blue. After you’ve applied the corn starch, you can either leave the paste on your eyes until it dries or you can wash it off after a few minutes. The corn starch will not stain your skin, but it might be a good idea to use gloves while applying the paste so that you don’t accidentally get any on your fingers.

Eye Shadow Trick

The eye shadow trick is very similar to the corn starch trick. In order to change your eye color with eye shadow, you need to apply an eye shadow color that is several shades lighter than your natural eye color. The eye shadow will draw the pigments out of the skin around your eyes and cause your eyes to appear blue. The only difference between this trick and the corn starch trick is that you use eye shadow instead of corn starch. Eye shadow is a cheap and easy-to-find cosmetic product that can be purchased at almost any store. Although this trick is simple to do, it’s not very effective. The eye shadow will probably wear off within an hour or two, and you’ll have to constantly re-apply it in order to keep your blue eye color.

Technical Dot

This is a much more advanced way to change your eye color. The technical dot is used to create a permanent change to your eye color by injecting a small amount of a colored solution into your eye. This is the most expensive and risky way to change your eye color. You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars to get your eye color permanently changed by a medical professional. You can also do it on your own if you’re willing to risk losing your eyesight! In order to perform the technical dot, you will need to purchase a special medical device called a handheld ophthalmoscope. This device can be found online and it costs several hundred dollars. You also need a syringe that you can fill with colored dye. If you decide to use this trick, then make sure to follow the instructions carefully and be extremely careful not to spill any dye onto your skin!

Why You Might Want To Change Your Eye Colour? 

There are many reasons why people want to change their eye color. 

  •  A new job:  If you’re looking for a new job but don’t have a particular skill set, you may want to change your eye color to make yourself employable. 
  •  Cosplay:  If you love cosplay, you might want to change your eye color to impersonate certain characters. – Different personality – If you have a certain personality but want to try out something new, you may want to change the color of your eyes. 
  •  Natural look:  If you don’t want to use makeup or wear fake contacts, you can change your eye color naturally at home. 
  • Change in a relationship:  If you are going through a breakup or a divorce, you may want to look different to reflect the new you. 
  •  Feel beautiful: This may sound cliché, but if you feel like you don’t look as beautiful as you did before, you can change your eye color to make yourself feel better.

How To Make Your Eyes Darker Naturally?

If you want to make your eyes appear darker, there are a few home remedies you can try. 

  • The first thing you should do is to reduce the intake of vitamin A. It is found in many fruits and vegetables, which you can still consume but in smaller doses. Foods to avoid include carrots, spinach, sweet potato, and squash. 
  • You should also make sure that you wash your hands before you eat. This will prevent the transfer of germs from your hands to your food. It will also prevent you from transferring the color found in your hands to your eyes. 
  • You should also stop wearing eye makeup unless you are already wearing contacts. You can also try out a few exercise routines to help you make your eyes appear darker. This includes yoga, cardio, and strength training. 
  • You can also use a weighted eyeball or take a few supplements such as ginkgo Biloba or bilberry.

How To Make Your Eyes Brighter Naturally?

  • If you want to make your eyes appear brighter, you should add more vitamin C to your diet.

  •  Fruits like oranges, kiwis, and lemons are great sources of this vitamin. 
  • You should also add honey to your diet. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, which will help to prevent swelling around your eyes and in turn, make them brighter. 
  • You can also try a few exercises to make your eyes brighter. They include yoga, pilates, and cardio. You can also take supplements such as vitamin C, lutein, and coq10.

How To Make Your Eyes Greener Naturally?

  1. If you want to make your eyes greener, you need to add more vitamin B to your diet. 
  2. This vitamin is found in a wide variety of different foods, but green leafy vegetables are best for this purpose. You should also cut down on the amount of vitamin A in your diet. Once again, carrots and spinach are your biggest enemies. 
  3. You can also use a few home remedies to make your eyes greener. They include turmeric, cumin, and cinnamon. 
  4. You can also make a face mask with baking soda and a bit of lemon juice. It will help to remove the excess oils around your eyes and make them look greener.


This article talks about the natural way to change your eye color and why one might want to do that. It also talks about how to make your eyes darker, brighter, greener, and bluer. These are simple tricks from home that can be used by anyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself ready to change the color of your eyes and make a statement.

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