How To Seek Compensation As A Victim Of Drunk Driving Accident

How To Seek Compensation As A Victim Of Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk driving accidents are some of the most devastating incidents on our roads. Too often, victims and their loved ones are left to pick up the pieces of the aftermath. In an accident caused by a drunk driver, seeking compensation can be challenging, besides dealing with severe physical injuries and emotional distress. Fortunately, legal options are available for victims to pursue justice and receive compensation for their damages. If a drunk driver harmed you or a loved one, consult a drunk driving accident law firm to help you seek the restitution you deserve.

Report The Incident

The first thing to do after a car accident is to alert law enforcement officers immediately and report the incident. They must come quickly so the police can investigate your case while everyone involved in the crash is still at the scene.

When reporting your case, provide as many details as possible such as names, addresses, vehicle information, license plate, insurance company name, and policy number for all drivers involved in your collision.

Medical Attention

Seek immediate medical attention from an emergency responder or proceed directly to an Emergency Room once you report it to law enforcement officers. Even if, at first glance, you may not have suffered any visible external damage or trauma symptoms persist over time following such traumatic events.

Moreover, prompt diagnosis and treatment will assist with record keeping essential in documenting resultant medical bills. This resulting bill will form part of the evidence supporting your claim when seeking compensation after being involved in such accidents.

Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

You must contact an experienced personal injury attorney who will help assess your situation shortly after experiencing an accident caused by another person’s negligence behind the wheel. Whether filing claims against negated liable parties (insurance companies) or suing problematic drivers, a lawyer knows state laws governing accident claims and can guide the restitution process in the right direction.

Experienced personal injury attorneys will know how to handle such cases best, as they understand the legal and emotional complexities of dealing with this type of accident. However, you must ensure that the attorney you choose has represented drunk driving victims in the past.

Secure Evidence

When seeking compensation for a drunk driving accident, evidence is crucial. Firstly gather available materials concerning the incident – witness accounts, pictures (or videos), and medical records, among others, to provide factual grounds to build up an evidential case during litigation. Then obtain police reports. Authorities can provide essential information about many drivers involved in accidents, including intentions and extent of DUI suspected in accident areas. This information is a crucial building block of your case.

Although first-hand reports can be highly beneficial in proving your case, nothing beats the value of video evidence. Modern technology can quickly assess whether a video is original or doctored. Hence, collecting such evidence to prove your point is highly recommended.

Claim Compensation Under Negligence Law

Negligence law attaches liability to anyone who causes an accident and to whoever could have acted otherwise yet failed to act appropriately, resulting in injuries or damages caused by one’s actions (or inactions). 

Proving negligence often requires collecting various types of evidence, such as medical records, accident reports, expert opinions, and witness statements. An experienced lawyer can effectively gather and present this evidence to strengthen your case.

Compensation awarded is usually commensurate with economic damages because of victims’ monetary interests. These typically cover medical bills—costs of physical therapy/rehabilitation, property damage/injury cost to be incurred repairing or replacing the damaged vehicle. This also includes loss of future wages due to the accident.

In conclusion, seeking compensation as a drunk driving accident victim requires a comprehensive and proactive approach. It is crucial to prioritize personal safety and well-being immediately after the accident, including seeking medical attention and contacting law enforcement to document the incident. Gathering evidence such as police reports, medical records, witness statements, and photographs is essential for building a strong case. Victims should consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in drunk driving accidents to navigate the legal process.

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